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On Thursday, November 14, for Trans Awareness week, at LANE Casting will celebrate with an Open Studio Day in London, Barcelona and Madrid, as we want to promote visibility within our projects, and it will be an opportunity for anyone with any trans identity and gender expression to feel invited, represented and made visible, not only due to how they identify, but as artists and performers in their own right.

This is not about whether you look a certain way, are a certain age, fit a casting bracket or dress in a specific style – this open day is about inclusion. We want to get to know people’s stories and see authentic folk that we can champion for future roles of all kinds within our work.

If you are interested and would like to reserve a definite space for this Open Studio Day, please submit yourself here:

14th November 2019
-click on the city to submit yourself-

If you need any help or you’re not sure which time you’re able to come, don’t worry, we’d love to see you all the same. There is space for everyone!



Is the Open Studio Day open to everyone?
The Open Studio Day is a day in which we want to give visibility specifically to those who do not identify within the binary gender spectrum, are transgender, non binary or gender fluid who would like to be in front of the camera.


What is it about? What is the aim of Open Studio Day? What will you use the material recorded for?
The Open Studio Day will consist of a small recording where we will ask the attendendees to tell us about who they are, what they do, what they enjoy doing, how they feel, and they are more than welcome to show off any skills they have that they would like to share with us. This material is protected (as always by our data protection policy in compliance with GDPR regulations) and the footage will be kept on our books, with the aim of getting future work and opportunities for those that attended our casting with our future projects, whether they be drama, commercials, music videos or anything else!


What is LANE Casting? Will you represent me if I attend the Open Studio Day?
LANE Casting is a collective of Casting Directors with teams in London, Barcelona and Madrid. We don’t act as an agency or a representation for talent, but we find, select and serve as a link between directors and production companies for various different audiovisual projects. We aim to protect all talent we put forward for projects and champion fair treatment and pay for all artists, but are not an agency.


Do I have to register somewhere to attend the Open Studio Day?
Registration is not essential, but if you want to definitively secure a place, you can sign up on the links below:
LONDON: https://osdlondon.youcanbook.me
MADRID: https://osdmadrid.youcanbook.me
BARCELONA: https://osdbarcelona.youcanbook.me

If you need any help or you’re not sure which time you’re able to come, don’t worry, we’d love to see you all the same. There is space for everyone!


Can I attend if I am a minor?
Anyone who identifies as trans, non-binary or gender fluid is welcomed to come along to Open Studio Day, regardless of age!


Do I have to prepare anything?
It is totally up to you. We want to make you feel comfortable in the casting, if you are an actor, you can prepare a monologue – anything you want! Or, if there’s anything you’d like to show us (singing, dancing, art, poetry etc) or any skill you’d like to show off, now’s your chance. Otherwise, we’ll just ask you some questions about yourself to get to know you. The aim of the casting is to make sure you feel comfortable and accepted for who you are, so each person’s session will be tailored to them.


Do I have to wear anything specific?
Come in the clothes that you feel most express your personality and style and that you feel most comfortable in!


Can i come even if I’ve never been to a casting?
Of course. The aim of Open Studio Day is to discover new talent and to give an opportunity to the trans community to show themselves how they want to be seen.


Can I bring friends with me?
Yes, everyone is welcome!


Can I come if I am represented or attached to an agency?
Absolutely. During the Open Studio Day we will ask your name and your agency, in case you have one, and it will help us to contact you for future projects.


Can I come if I have already auditioned for you?
Yes, of course, you are welcome! It will be a pleasure to see you again.


Host: Joss Jaycoff
Director: Águeda Sanchez
Stills Photographer: Joan Galo
DOP: Carles F. Gali
Art Director & Graphic Designer: Martí Melcion
Producer: Xavi Vara | Javier Botella
Make up: Núria Ribera
Dir. Assistant: Júlia Torres
Handy Cam Operator: Pol Renom
Art Assistant: Ivan Alarcón
Music: Marc Montenegro                         
Sonido Directo: Joan MarquezAdrián G. Ruiz
Sound Designer: Sarah Romero  
Gaffer: Alex Postius
Spark: Julia Rius
Voice English CD: Jordi Hanley
Colour Grading: Julia Rosetti
LANE Team: Alejandro Gil | Judith López | Edurne Larumbe | Anna Seró | Alicia Ruiz | Pablo Peñalver | Hannah Ward
Special thanks to: Cyprien Clément-Delmas | Eighty4 | AFT-R Barcelona

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  • OpenStudioDay | LANE CASTING
  • OpenStudioDay | LANE CASTING
  • OpenStudioDay | LANE CASTING
  • OpenStudioDay | LANE CASTING